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Fried Eggs


We usually have this for breakfast on weekends. I learned this egg recipe from my mother-in-law.


Chop some onions, green peppers, and garlic. I have always added these ingredients to my eggs…but never this.

Cumin Seed!


Add some oil to a pan and once its heated add all the onions, garlic, green peppers, and cumin seeds.


While this is frying into a nice golden shade prepare your eggs. Add four eggs, beat, with salt and curry powder.


When everything is fried add it to the dish with the eggs…and mix well.


In the same pan you fried the onions, garlic, cumin seeds-add a bit more oil and pour in your eggs.


I used a small pan so make sure everything is nicely cooked. You can cut the eggs into four even pieces for better heat distribution.


This is what the eggs will look like when it is completely fried.


In the past I have paired it with some Pumpernickel bread and my favorite dip of all time the <em>hummus</em>. After a few tries with pumpernickel I actually think a more plain bread- a simple french bread- brings the flavors of the eggs out more.




Upma (South Indian/Jaffna Breakfast Dish)



I loved upma as a child- I would have it for breakfast and dinner. My mom always made it with lots of fried potatoes and little pieces of fried egg plants-it was delicious!

I had it without any curries most of the time but occasionally we would add some fried eggs to the mix.

I used couscous to make my version of upma! A box of couscous only takes five minutes to make so it is a quick dish to whip up when you want to be lazy.

When we get bored of eating rice Hubby and I use it as a substitute to rice.

I am so new to cooking so a lot of it is just experimenting and having fun along the way.

Serves 2

-Few tsp. of oil
-Handful of chopped onions (I use red onions)
-Few cloves of garlic
-Green peppers
-Small potato chopped into small pieces
-Medium sized egg plant copped
-Some turmeric and curry powder
-Half of packet of frozen vegetable
-Near East-Whole Grain Wheat couscous
-Pinch of salt

Ready to cook:


1. After the oil is heated add the onions, garlic, and green peppers. Once they become slightly brown add potatoes and egg plant.

2. Keep heat on low until potatoes and egg plant turn brown

3. Add some curry powder, little bit of turmeric, and salt

4. On another pan prepare the couscous (directions on the box- will take five minutes)

5. You can microwave the frozen vegetable pack and add it to the egg plant/potato mix. Mix well

6. Once couscous is done- add the egg plant, potatoes, and the mixed vegetables into the couscous pan

7. Mix everything together and enjoy


*This particular couscous was flavored with garlic and olive oil. Next time I would like to try this with just regular couscous.